------------------- Local History and Pioneers ------------------

The timeline below lists important events in Kalamunda and the surrounding districts.


Charles Fraser was the first white man to climb the scarp, approximately 25kms from Perth.

He named the hills the General Darling Range after the Governor of NSW.



The founding of the Swan River Colony. Ensign Dale of 63rd Regiment led a party along the Helena River.



Benjamin Robins was the first to take land in the Kalamunda area near Bushmead.



Robins bought 16 hectares at Gooseberry Hill.



Ben Mason granted lease on 259 hectare at the head of Bickley Brook for timber cutting.

Built 30 slab huts and 'road' to Canning Landing (Woodloes). The road is now known today as Hardinge Road.



Mason won contract to supply sleepers to the Great Indian Peninsular Railway. He failed to fulfill the contract due to

transport difficulties.



Mason & Co. began building the second railway in the colony - a wooden tramway to Canning River.

First school was opened in the area.



Official opening of the tramway by Governor Weld.



Bird pulled out of the timber company.



Whim invented for timber hauling at Canning Mills.



Frederick and Elizabeth Stirk arrived at Kalamunda.



Mason's company went bankrupt.



John and Emma Wallis who arrived at Mason's Mill in 1880, settled at Orangedale, Walliston.

Richard and Mary Weston settled Springdale. Their son, Francis, aged 3 days, died in 1876 and is buried at Mason's Mill.



Edward Keane was granted the timber license formerly owned by Mason. He and his brother-in-law formed Lionel White & Co.

Built the sawmill at Canning location 164, known as Canning Mills. Eventually 400 people lived there.

Neil McNeil began building Victoria Reservoir on Munday Brook. Opened 1891. Kalamunda waited 64 years for water.



Edward White began surveying for what was to become the Zig Zag railway. Contract with government signed 1891.



School opened at Canning Mill. Continued until 1930.



First government school, called Govt Provisional School, Gooseberry Hill opened. The headmaster was Mr Swindells.

Darling Range Vine and Fruit growers Assoc. formed.



Darling Range Road Board officially severed from Swan Roads Board, but included Mundaring.

Agricultural Hall built, the first brick building in the area. Archibald Sanderson bought land in area. He named the land Lesmurdie after a shooting lodge in Aberdeenshire, Scotland on a property let for shooting to his father.

Albert Shunke settled in Grove Road. He started to export fruit to India in 1908.



First Church of England dedicated by Bishop Riley.The church was located at the corner of Boonooloo and Kalamunda Roads. Known as Gooseberry Hill Church as Kalamunda was not yet named.



Townsite of Calla Munda proclaimed. The name was from Bishop Salvado's Aboriginal vocabulary. The Surveyor General changed the 'C' to 'K'.



C.H Hummerston built a hotel in Railway Road.



Mundaring Weir opened. Haynes Street and Railway Road cleared. The government took over the railway to Pickering Brook.

In 1910 the remaining line to Canning Mills was also taken over and was extended to Karragullen in 1912.



First Roads Board office built. 1st August at Poison Gully fatal accident in Zig Zag railway in heavy rain killing driver G. Green and fireman W. Lyons.

Archibald Sanderson bought the first motor car in the area. Carmel school opened, closed 1990.



1/4 acre blocks sold for £5 requiring a deposit of £1 and repayments of £1 per month.



Richard Sampson arrived in Kalamunda. He served 20 years as chairman of the Darling Range Roads Board and was the

MLA for Swan from 1921 to 1944. When he died in 1944, he left one thousand pounds for a memorial. This was used to

build an Infant Health Centre which opened in 1951.



First telephone connected at Roads Board office. Curry (storekeeper) and Hummerston (publican) also had telephones connected that year.



Welshpool Road and Belmont Road are cleared.



Maida Vale receives its name - named after settler R. McCormack's house, Maida Vale.



Karragullen named. Name suggested by Daisy Bates and is Aboriginal for Red Gully.



First local car registration.



First cool store in WA built at Illawarra. Soldier settlement scheme implemented along Piesse Brook.

Later many of the ex-soldiers walked off and the land was bought by Italians.


Government tree puller began clearing land at Pickering Brook.



Worst motor accident in WA to that time, occurred on Kalamunda Road. Six people from the High Street Cricket Club Fremantle died. No ambulance service. Later that year the Midland ambulance service covered Midland and Kalamunda.

In 1940 fund raising began for a Kalamunda ambulance. An ambulance was bought in 1947.

Pickering Brook Sports Club began.



Electricity came to Kalamunda - six street lights. Mary's Mount school opened for boys only. The school was run by the

Sisters of St Joseph of the Apparition.



Charlie Ellis began showing silent movies in a garden cinema next to the hotel.



Charlie Ellis installed a petrol pump. He began the first motor garage and taxi service at the corner of Railway and Haynes Street. Ellis was bought out by Webster and Binns who began a bus service.



Kazmiex Kostera arrived, bought out Webster and Binns. He ran the bus service until it was taken over by the government in 1958.



Jim Crabb began delivering meat and other supplies to outlying areas. Tennis courts in Haynes Street.



Paddy Conolly built a new hotel next to the original with money from the winnings of Blue Spec, the first WA horse to

win the Melbourne Cup (1905).



Kalamunda Golf Club began.



St. Brigid's School opened.



Gordon Farrell began a parcel service with a motor bike and sidecar. He bought his first truck in 1934. This service became Kalamunda Transport and was operational until it was sold to Ansett in 1977.



Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade formed.



Kalamunda Road sealed.



Welshpool Road sealed.



War memorial built.



Influx of 'city folk' to avoid any WW2 attack.



US Navy DC3 aircraft crashed into Gooseberry Hill killing the crew and thirteen passengers.



Stirk property purchased by Roads Board.



Zig Zag railway closed following a decline in timber and passenger numbers as motor vehicles became more readily available.



First local newspaper.



Water arrived, provided by the Goldfields Scheme. The first attempt to get water to Kalamunda was in 1903.



Roman Catholic Church at Kalamunda consecrated.



Convent for Ursaline Nuns which included a small school was completed at Pickering Brook.

Full time police station. Automatic telephone.



Two huts from Allawah Grove were bought to provide a library service next to Kostera Oval.



Opening of Kalamunda High School.



Library opened at present site.



Swimming pool opened.



Kalamunda station yard passed to Kalamunda and Districts Historical Society for use as a museum. Old Kalamunda school brought to the site. Kalamunda History Village opened.



Post Office moved to Barber Street.



New Shire offices opened.



Official opening of the Bibbulmun Track.



Performing Arts Centre constructed.



Centenary of the Darling Range Roads Board.



Centenary of Kalamunda Show.



Lesmurdie House becomes part of St Brigid’s College Campus.



Opening of Kalamunda Community Memorial Building and Memorial Wall.



Opening of Zig Zag Cultural Centre.

------------------- Pioneers ------------------

The following families and individuals helped make Kalamunda what it is today.

Benjamin & Elizabeth Robins Sheep Farmer ~ GOOSEBERRY HILL


Benjamin & Eliza Mason Mill Owner ~ CARMEL 1864


William & Eleanor Mead Farmer ~ GOOSEBERRY HILL 1873


Richard & Mary Weston Wheelwright, Carpenter ~ PICKERING BROOK 1875


Septimus Burt & Edward Haynes Ochardists ~ KALAMUNDA 1878


Henry & Anna Mottram Timberman, Orchardist ~ CARMEL 1879


John & Emma Wallis Orchardist, Carpenter and Midwife ~ WALLISTON 1880


Frederick & Elizabeth Stirk First Townsite Settlers ~ KALAMUNDA 1881


John & Hester King Orchardist and Midwife ~ PAULLS VALLEY 1888


White Bros & Edward Keane Mill and Railway Co. Owners ~ CANNING MILLS 1889


Samuel & Annie Collins Orchardist and Nurse ~ KALAMUNDA


R & W.H. McCormack Carriers, Orchardists ~ MAIDA VALE 1890


John Manning Dairy Farmer ~ LESMURDIE 1890


John & Emily Farrant Land Agent ~ GOOSEBERRY HILL 1891


Robert & Margaret Dixon Orchardist ~ GOOSEBERRY HILL 1891


Richard & Mary Urch Horticulturist ~ KALAMUNDA 1892


George & Lucy Palmateer Orchardist ~ BICKLEY 1893


Charles & Adelaide Ashcroft Orchardist ~ BICKLEY 1893


George & Matilda Fawkes Nurseryman, Orchardist ~ CARMEL 1893


Edward & Mary Owen Orchardist ~ CARMEL 1893


Samuel Burkhardt Storekeeper, Gardener ~ KALAMUNDA 1893


Joseph Arduino Horticulturist, Vigneron ~ KALAMUNDA 1893


Levi Green Ironmonger, Orchardist ~ CARMEL 1893


John McRae Orchardist ~ KALAMUNDA 1893


Thomas Statham Quarry Owner ~ MAIDA VALE 1894


Edward & Evelyn People Horticulturist ~ GOOSEBERRY HILL 1894



John Weaire Farmer ~ MAIDA VALE 1894


Alfred Jecks Gardener, Apiarist ~ LESMURDIE 1894


Jacob & Annie Schmitt Orchardist ~ KALAMUNDA 1895


Walter Swindells First Teacher ~ KALAMUNDA 1895


Fred & Cecelia Croxton Teamster ~ PIESSE BROOK 1896


Charles & Emma Brooks First Storekeeper ~ KALAMUNDA 1896


Albert Wheelwright Horticulturist ~ LESMURDIE 1897


Richard Brady DRRB Secretary 1905-1945 ~ LESMURDIE 1897


Archibald & Maude Sanderson Orchardist, Politician ~ LESMURDIE 1897


Albert & Catherine Schunke Orchardist ~ LESMURDIE 1897


Samuel Fernihough Poultry Farmer ~ WALLISTON 1897


Arthur & Annie Gibbs Gardener ~ CARMEL 1897


Thomas & Emily Price Orchardist ~ CANNING MILLS 1897


Benjamin & Hester Newman Woodcutter ~ KALAMUNDA 1897


Henry & Caroline McCullagh First Post Office ~ KALAMUNDA 1898


Edward & Alic Myerson Orchardist, Lay Preacher ~ MAIDA VALE 1898


Thomas & Matilda Winsor Timberman, Dairy Farmer ~ KALAMUNDA 1899


William Patterson Builder ~ LESMURDIE 1900


Frank & Cecelia Laverack Orchardist ~ CANNING MILLS 1900


Sydney & Edith Smailes Orchardist, Timberman ~ CANNING MILLS 1900


Albert & Maud Annetts Orchardist ~ CARMEL 1900


William & Edith Guppy Timber Merchant ~ KALAMUNDA 1900


William & Mary Bryant Carpenter, Orchardist ~ KALAMUNDA 1900


Ah Ling Market Gardener ~ GOOSEBERRY HILL 1900


Hie Toy Market Gardener ~ CARMEL 1900


Frederick Williams Artist ~ GOOSEBERRY HILL 1901

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