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The Society has published a number of books which are available from the Kalamunda History Village and selected local businesses in Kalamunda.

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of the Dreamtime


Written by F.J. McNamara, first published in 1961 and is the first history of our district. This is our latest title to be reprinted and according to the author, is an “introduction to the genesis of the jarrah timber industry, and the origins of the railway, and the several resulting settlements and their names, and the Road District that were the outcome of it.

Price: $15.00

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...then and now...


A collection of old and new photographs published by the Kalamunda and Districts Historical Society showing the 'changing face of Kalamunda'.

Now third edition.

Price: $20.00

Rail in the Hills.jpg

Rails in the Hills


Compiled by Eric Webb and first published in 1991, is a detailed history of the Kalamunda Railway line and its locomotives from 1891 to 1949

Price: $20.00

ZigZag to Kalamunda.jpg

Zig Zag to Kalamunda 


The story of the Upper Darling Range Railway by Ken Steele. First published in 1993 it is the story of the Upper Darling Range Railway from its very beginnings and tells about the construction, locomotives and people -  a great book for railway enthusiasts and anyone interested in our district's unique local history.

Price: $20.00

A History of Our History.jpg

A History of Our History


Compiled by Marcia Maher and Jennifer Du Boulay

Celebrating the first fifty years of the Kalamunda & Districts Historical Society. From the founding of the Society due to the impeding demolishing of Stirk Cottage in 1969, the opening of the History Village in 1971 and reflecting on the 50 years of achievement of the all the volunteers of the Society.

Price: $20.00

Valleys of Solitude_edited_edited.jpg

Valleys of Solitude


First published in 1987, this publication is the result of several years of research, meeting and tape-recording pioneer Italian families, telling the story of the hardships suffered by Italian migrants, with little or no money and above all with no command of English. It is a saga of the determination to succeed. 

Price: $20.00

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The Changing Face of Kalamunda

Volume 1


A collection of old and new photographs recording and preserving the all time history of the district. Comparative photographs of buildings, churches, schools, Kalamunda village scenes, local roads etc. from c. 1898 to 1982


Price: $5.00

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The Changing Face of Kalamunda

Volume 2


More old and new photographs of pioneer days in the district, comparing those early days with the same view in 1987, as in Volume 1 but also including shops, libraries and the railway. Both volumes are a fascinating record of Kalamunda and the Hills district of earlier times.

Price: $5.00

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The book looks at the lives and experiences of the settlers of Wattle Grove, Maida Vale, Forrestfield, and later named High Wycombe during the period 1900 to 1950.  It is based on the oral histories of the many of the settlers recorded 35 years ago.  We read what they have to say about their lives, and their environment during that period.

Price: $25.00


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