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Kalamunda Post Office.jpg

Post Office 1921-1972

Erected in 1921 at 37 Railway Rd where the mail receiver now stands outside Kalamunda Central Shopping Centre.


This building housed the first official District Post Office, and the postmistress was Miss Ethel Chambers.

When opened it was only a small manually operated telephone switchboard.

11 residents had private boxes.

Post Office Agents at outlying areas such as Carmel, Pickering Brook, Walliston, etc forwarded mail to this Post Office from where it was dispatched daily to Perth.

Prior to this all, postal business was handled by Mrs McCullagh at her house at 63 Railway Rd.

This office was superseded by the present Barber St premises in 1972.

This building was relocated to Kalamunda History Village in December 1975.  

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