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Mr Edwin Dell

Interviewed by Jeanette Achurch, 16 February 2015

Edwin recalls a difficult childhood with blankets made of jute sacks and mattresses made of bags, filled with old rags. He tells of clearing the land, his time with the YMCA and operating his own orchard and roadside kiosk.

Dell, Edwin.jpg

Read Edwin's story

Kalamunda Oral History, Dell
Edwin Dell talks about his dad and their ramshackled farm

Mrs Dorris Craig (nee Stirk)

 Interviewed by an unknown interviewer in 1981

Dorris’ recollections and anecdotes of home life in the early days of Kalamunda are a wonderful insight into how the Stirk family entertained themselves in their leisure time, after the hard work in the orchard was done for the day.

Craig, Dorris web image.jpg

Read  Dorris' story

Kalamunda Oral History,Dorris Craig
Grandma tells Dorris to drink her wine

Mrs Fay Curtis (nee Gibbs)

 Interviewed by Gigi Hesterman, 19 October 2011 

Fay recalls life in the timber mills of Pickering Brook and Karragullen in the 1930s, rations during World War II and how they purchased and stored their weekly groceries

Curtis Fay web image.jpg

Read  Fay's story

Kalamunda Oral History, Fay Curtis
Fay tells about the early days at Barton's Mill

Mr John Hope

 Interviewed by Alethea Du Boulay, 24 July 2009

John recalls helping with meat deliveries, playing cricket, the Kalamunda Show and delivering telegrams in the hills

Hope, John web image.jpg

Read  John's story

Kalamunda Oral History, Hope, John
John reveals what was in the back of the meat van

Mrs Clara Hensworth (nee Ward)

 Interviewed by Margaret Wansborough and Agnes Vandervelde in 1991

Migrating domestics, dealing with unwanted attention, living with adversity, the RSL Women’s Auxillary and life in Kalamunda in the 1930s are all included in Clara’s memoir

Henworth, Clara web image.jpg

Read  Clara's story

Kalamunda Oral History, Hensworth
Clara remembers the high jinks on high seas

Mr Athol Farrant

 Interviewed by Donald Dawson in March and April 2002

Athol recalls the Farrant pioneers, communication in the late 1800s, the first caged poultry farm in Western Australia and the local governments pursuit of retaining bush in Kalamunda.

Athol Farrant web image.jpg

Read  Athol's story

Kalamunda Oral History,Farrant
Athol Farrant tells 'why Gooseberry Hill'

Mrs Roma Ireland (nee Croxton)

 Interviewed by Gigi Hesterman in April 2016

Piesse Brook, Explosion on the Canning Jarrah Company Line, St Brigids in the 1930s, working women in the1940s

Ireland, Roma web image.jpg

Read  Roma's story

Kalamunda Oral History, Spriggs
Roma Ireland warns not to trip over the wood heap

Mr George Spriggs

Interviewed by Donald Dawson on 29 May 1995

Pickering Brook in the 1920s, Brumbies, Cold Storage, Politics and Hydroponics feature in Mr Spriggs life

Spriggs, George web image.jpg

Read  George's story

Kalamunda Oral History, Spriggs
George Spriggs talks about his ancestory

Mrs Doris Mynors (nee Palmer)

 Interviewed by Jeanette Achurch, 1 September 2014


The Pomeroy Brick Cottage, Piesse Brook Primary School, missing uncle changes his name and the use of Coolgardie Safes are all included in Mrs Mynors interview

Mynors, Doris web image.jpg

Read  Doris' story

Kalamunda Oral History, Spriggs
Doris Mynors tells how Alan changed his name

Mrs Phyllis Alves (nee Jorgensen)

 Interviewed by Jennifer Lewis (nee Alves),  1984

Mining accident, lost in the bush, teaching in rural WA and life in Carrolup Settlement with the first Australians are highlights of Mrs Alves interview

Alves, Phyllis web.jpg

Read  Phyllis' story

Kalamunda Oral History, Spriggs
Phyllis Alves talks about the Carrolup Settlement

Mrs Ella Byett (nee Schmitt)

 Interviewed by Bill Shaw on 30 July 1984

A lottery win, migration, murder and flamboyant balls researched across four generations feature in Mrs Byett’s interview

Ella Byett.jpg

Read  Ella's story

Kalamunda Oral History, Spriggs
Ella Byett tells of Jacob Schmitts' migration

Mr James (Jimmy) Crabb 

Interviewed by Donald Dawson on 27 February 1996

Jim and Ada Crabb were well known and respected community members in Kalamunda, best remembered for their determination and courage to make their small business succeed against the odds. 

Crabb, J.jpg

Read Jimmy's story

Kalamunda Oral History, Spriggs
James Crabb reveals how he started his delivery business

Mr Harry Honnor 

By unidentified interviewer in November 1967

Mr Honnor remembers his drunken headmaster, mischief, mayhem, labouring in the stone pits and turning stone to gravel for roads.

Honnor, H.jpg

Read Harry's story

Kalamunda Oral History, Spriggs
Harry Honnor remembers the tale of Mr Burkharts eggs

Mr Lyle Portwine 

Interviewed by Gigi Hesterman on 2 May 2012 

Puddlers, Bakers, Jockeys, horse drawn deliveries and a sense of community are all included in Mr Portwine's interview. 

Portwine, L.jpg

Read  Lyle's story

Kalamunda Oral History, Spriggs
Lyle Portwine describes a day in the bakery

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